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Eying a tree in your yard, and imagining the lumber inside?  Aaron can cut it down for you, get it milled, and get it kilned too.  This combination of services is rather rare and can save you a lot of time.    


Great person to contact if you need to use a 36" wide thicknesser/belt sander. Or if you want very, very precise resawing or veneer done.  This shop can also square/S4S lumber up to 16 inches wide.   They are popular with cabinetmakers, contractors, hobby-woodworkers, and instrument-makers. A great resource when you have a big furniture project. 


This is who you call to get fancy, figured, and gorgeous wood from local tree species.  He maintains a decent stock of the prettiest stuff around for you to browse through.  These materials are truly far above what you can find at 99% of domestic hardwood vendors.  If you are looking for fancy turning blanks or want materials for a luxury furniture project check this out. 

Crosscut Hardwoods in Eugene:

Great selection of foreign and domestic lumber, mostly in conventional dimensions.  They mostly carry hardwoods, but also have a great plywood and softwood selection.  Part of a larger chain/group of companies that can draw wood from sources around the world.  Helpful staff and decent prices.  This can be a one-stop shop for your wood needs. 

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