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Q:  How long from when I commission my project to completion? 

A:  Quality demands time, especially in a custom project.  Most of the reason why custom, heirloom-quality furniture is so rare these days is because it doesn't really lend itself to mass-production.  

A time estimate will be provided for each project before the commission is finalized.

Unless the project is especially complex most furniture orders will typically be ready to deliver in a few months time. Small items or wooden-wares will typically be complete in several weeks time.   

Q:  What does Heirloom-quality mean?  Are these products guaranteed or do they have warranty?  Will you repair them if they break for free? 

A:    If somehow the product fails when used for its intended purpose, due to a fault in the materials or construction, then we will either repair it or allow a return for its full value.  If the product breaks or is damaged because it was misused, got terribly scratched by a pet, or was abused then the repair will cost money.  However we understand that accidents do happen; when repair or refinishing is a possibility we will never refuse to do so for a reasonable price.  Quality furniture is special these days because it CAN be repaired; virtually all other furniture producers cannot meet this demand. 

       All wood, no-matter how well protected, generally needs re-finishing or attention every once in a while to look its best.  Much more often if it is kept outside or is exposed to the sun.    


Q:  Will you repair my antique/vintage furniture, or furniture made by other companies?  Are you interested in purchasing my antique/vintage furniture? 

A:  Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of the furniture made in the past seventy years either cannot be repaired or would cost more than its original purchase price to repair.  For a fee we can inspect the article in need of repair and determine what if anything can be done.   We are not interested in buying used furniture made by other companies and generally do not take trade-ins. 

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